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Stress and anxiety are part of our daily lives, but what do you do when it gets to be too much?  Professional therapy is one way to work through stress and anxiety, and the therapists in Catholic Charities Counseling Program provide the insight and support needed to manage life problems in a more productive way.

Our licensed, professional therapists work with clients of all faiths and backgrounds to address issues including depression, anxiety, stress, marital issues, relationship problems, child behavior problems, trauma, abuse, and more.  We specialize in treating couples and families, with a focus on observing the patterns among family members and helping each member to make changes in how they relate to one another.

Family Mental Health Plan

Have you considered how prepared you are for mental health needs in your family. Click here to download our Family Mental Health Plan worksheet to guide you through the process!

If you or someone you know are interested in talking with a therapist, contact Catholic Charities Counseling today.

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You may print and fill out the following forms to bring along to your first appointment.  This will save time when you arrive.  If you have questions about any of the forms, you may call our front desk at 515-237-5045.

Meet Our Therapists

Debrenee Grajeda Debrenee Grajeda, LMSW, PLMHP (Council Bluffs office)

Beginning therapy can feel intimidating, and it’s important to feel at ease and supported by your provider. I believe that therapy should be a partnership based in trust, respect, compassion, and kindness. Using systems theory and a strengths-based approach, I work to understand and empathize with each individual’s unique situation.  Everyone has the ability to grow, change, and heal, and I am committed to helping people navigate life’s challenges.

I am very passionate about working with survivors of trauma and have extensive experience working with those impacted by domestic violence and sexual abuse in particular. I am also experienced in helping people navigate feelings of grief, anger, and loss, and helping them identify and regulate their emotional responses.  Some of my clinical interests include depression, anxiety, self-harm behaviors, compulsions, and trauma responses/symptoms of PTSD.

Please feel free to call for more information or to set up an appointment!  Currently providing telehealth and telephonic therapy only. Education: Undergraduate degrees from Hastings College; Master’s degrees from Kansas State University and Sacred Heart University. Currently licensed to practice in Iowa and Nebraska.

Call 515-237-5045 or email for an appointment today.

Jill Lawrence  Jill Lawrence, LMSW (Des Moines office and area schools)

Do you believe that each person is the expert in their own life? I do! Do you believe that each person has the capacity to change and grow? I do! Targeted support and services, like mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapies, allow me to customize my approach to each client. Collaborating with each person to enhance their quality of life while struggling with emotional and mental health issues is my passion. I employ an integrative approach, focusing on the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

With twenty years of direct experience serving diverse populations, and a master-level clinical social worker license (LMSW), I am pleased to have received training that included the renowned Family Institute. I have served children, adults, seniors and families. Most recently, I worked with adolescents in crisis, many of whom grapple with long-term trauma. I conduct mental health workshops and look forward to working with children, adults and families.

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320x400 Elizabeth Schroeder, MA, TLMHC, NCCI

I look forward to working with you and helping you address the challenges you may be facing with anxiety, depression, and other unresolved stresses and struggles of life. As your therapist, I will work to create a space for you to feel free to express yourself without judgement, in a save protective environment. You will set the pace as we journey together to a deeper understanding of yourself and in the pursuit of living in the moment as your true self.

My areas of specialty include working with anxiety, mood disorders, depression, grief, self-esteem, workplace bullying, coping skills, peer relationships, behavioral issues, and trauma. I offer a place for you to discover your strengths and help you overcome obstacles or challenges that might be holding you back to become the best version of yourself.

I believe in building a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship first in a space for you as the client to feel safe to share and open up your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences to be able to set your goals and reach your potential.

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