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Why We Give

Giving back and helping those is need is something Pat and Pattie Fraizer strive to do often.

Pat and Pattie first learned about Catholic Charities through their parishes as they grew up. They started getting involved and supporting the different programs offered at the organization, helping those in central and southwest Iowa.

“It has just always been a part of us,” said Pat.

“Catholic Charities helps a lot of different people in our community,” said Pattie. “We know our donation is going to help people in need. It’s good to know we are helping them, even if it is just a little bit.”

Pat and Pattie are also passionate about helping with food insecurity in our community. In addition to supporting the Catholic Charities Food Pantry, Pat has also lent his time and talents volunteering there as well.

“I don’t see how anyone could argue with providing food to those who need it,” said Pat.

“Growing up, I always had food available to me and I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have that,” said Pattie. “Being able to help and support programs like this is a really fulfilling thing to do.”

Pat and Pattie are proud to support the Catholic Charites’ mission of empowering individuals and strengthening families. They encourage others to support the vital work being done at Catholic Charities to make a stronger impact on those in need.

“Catholic Charities is a worthwhile cause that is always in need of additional funding to continue the great work it does,” said Pat. “It’s great to support this organization.”

For more information on how you can support Catholic Charities and the individuals and families we serve, contact Director of Development, Bobbi Smith, at 515-237-5064 or