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A Desire to Serve

A new life in Des Moines and hopes for the future.

On February 9th 2017 Representative David Young met with Catholic Charities staff and clients to learn more about the plight of refugees coming to America. He met individually with three Catholic Charites refugee clients from El Salvador, Burma, and Somalia regarding the persecution, police and government corruption, poverty, lack of opportunity and many injustices they all experience as a refugee in their secondary country. They also shared their background stories and what their life is like now in Des Moines, Iowa. This is a story from that meeting…

Mirna T. arrived in Des Moines with her two daughters from El Salvador on September 9, 2016. She reunited with family who she had not seen for 12 years. In El Salvador, Mirna served as a police officer.  She is now employed at a cleaning company, assisting with burned out homes and properties in the Des Moines area. Her children attend high school and enjoy living in Iowa. They like the many opportunities for employment and education the state has to offer.  Mirna attends English classes to improve her language skills. In a recent meeting with Congressmen David Young at Catholic Charities, Mirna expressed that she would eventually like to return to law enforcement and help young children in the community.