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Out of the Darkness

Catholic Charities Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program has many events planned for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Catholic Charities Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program is preparing for various outreach activities for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) this upcoming October. This year, the team of Domestic Abuse Advocates is planning to organize a Candle Light Vigil, the Clothesline Project and a Community Baby Shower to bring awareness of domestic violence in our community and the services offered by our agency.

Candle Light Vigil

On October 12th, Catholic Charities will host a Candle Light Vigil to honor those who have been impacted by domestic violence. The vigil will be held at Bayliss Park from 6-7pm. The vigil will include: a Mayoral Proclamation, a display of the Clothesline Project, survivor speeches, and a moment of silence. All community members are invited to join us.
Clothesline Project
The Domestic Abuse Advocate Team will display the Clothesline Project in the community throughout our southwestern Iowa Service Area. The Clothesline Project is an awareness project that addresses the issue of violence against women. It is a vehicle for women affected by violence to express their emotions by decorating a t-shirt. These t-shirts are then hung on a clothesline and displayed in the community. Each color of shirt represents a different experience of violence. Yellow/White/Beige shirts represent those who have been impacted by intimate partner violence; Red/pink/orange shirts are designed by those who have experienced rape or sexual assault. Blue/green shirts are decorated by those impacted by childhood sexual abuse. Catholic Charities Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program would like to continue to provide t-shirts for our clients to design. We are in need of large clothespins and blank and new t-shirts in the following colors: yellow, red, orange, pink, blue, and green. These t-shirts are not intended to be worn, so no specific sizes are needed. T-shirts will be displayed throughout our service area during the month of October. Specific dates and locations are to be determined. For more information on the Clothesline Project, please contact Katie at 712-256-2059 ext 103.
Community Baby Shower

Catholic Charities Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program will also be planning a Community Baby Shower during DVAM. The purpose of this event is to reach out to new and expecting mothers in need and provide them with community resources and newborn items. Since domestic violence tends to escalate or increase during pregnancy, our goal is to provide women with information about our services and domestic violence dynamics. This year’s event is on October 25th from 4-6pm and will be held at the Salvation Army at the Lakin Human Services Campus. Catholic Charities partners with other community agencies to put on this event. Last year, the Community Baby Shower was held at the Council Bluffs Public Library and served over 46 new/expecting mothers. These new mothers could gather resources from 15 community agencies. This year, we hope to increase this number. We are in need of basic newborn items to distribute.

If your congregation or group is interested in hosting a drive for baby items for this event or would like to volunteer in any way, please contact Katie at 712-256-2059 or Martha at 712-256-2059 ext 109.