Students Help Children at Shelter

Heart to Heart Club at Duchesne Academy donates activity decor.

After a successful February shelter items collection, the students at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart in Omaha wanted to do more to help our clients. Duchesne Academy and Catholic Charities agreed to improve our client/advocate meeting room by adding educational wall decor. In May, the activity toys arrived and secured to the walls in our conference room.

These activity toys improve the children’s sensory-motor skills as they enjoy the ocean scenery and city transportation.  The lady bug decorative mirrors help children learn to focus, track images and experience their own facial expressions. They are a great way to keep children engaged during adult meetings.

Duchesne wall decor 1Pictured is the banner created during the Completely Kids daily activity session by the children staying with us.  Lower on the wall, the two wall decors donated by Duchesne are accessible to the children.

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